hey y'all

I'm Melissa.


Food writer. Home maker. Hostess. 

Gatherer. Encourager. Supporter. Believer.


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I have always loved food. I love cooking food, eating food, talking about food, writing about food... I love talking about talking about food!

Feast is the space where you will find recipes, food memoirs and links to my past and present published articles. 

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Opening my home to other people is my favorite way to express love. 

Host is where I will share stories and ideas on how to create gatherings that leave your guests feeling celebrated  and connected.

 Fashioning these opportunities is easier than you think.

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I live on a real life, working horse and cattle ranch. You can read all the details on my about page... but in short, I am new to this gig 

(my husband is not)!

In Farm, you will find the new things I have learned and continue to learn.

 Gardening, riding horses, cleaning stalls, raising farm animals, and so much more!

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This entire site will encourage you to feed your body. Give it what it needs, longs for and sometimes just down right craves.

"The LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." -Gn. 2:7

Here and all through scripture a "living soul” denotes a “living person” this is because a person does not have a soul, but is a soul... and we must feed that as well.

Soul is where we will do just that.

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sunday offering


Sunday offering... some weeks you have a lot to give, some weeks you have a little to give and some weeks you don't even make it to church! 

Every Sunday, I will give you something. I can't tell what it will be yet. Who knows what will have happened in my week or day at that point. But I do know, I will give you something. It could be recipes and hosting tips for a 4 course meal... or it could be a picture of an inspirational quote that I just copied off the internet. 

But it is my offering to you.

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