Table Talks

Oh, Table Talks… one of my very favorite monthly gatherings. I started this meet up after attending IF:Gathering back in February. IF is a faith based 2 day women’s conference with several speakers talking on different subjects. At the end of the second day they give you some ideas on how to keep the conversation going in your own community. IF:Table is their concept: 2 hours, 4 questions, 6 women. Once a month, they send you a topic, 4 questions and a recipe. Hosting is my all time fave and this is a like a pre-made hosting kit that someone just sends me via email every month. 

Like all the other things I truly feel the heavenly nudge to do… this one was a no brainer… and coincidently, came with a few winks as well.

I‘m a gatherer. I love everyone. I love collecting friends from all walks of my life into one room… perfect example: Sunday Supper… which I will talk about soon! But this thing. It was different. I had to chose 5 people. There was an original plan… fell through. A few extra invites… when I had told myself “maybe I’ll invite 8 and just do it that way”… those extra invites, declined.

And so, the absolute perfect group of 6 gathered around my table for the first time on April 1. We chose the first Monday of each month which happened to land on the actual first. And guess what the topic was… friendship. 😉 The 5 ladies that make up what we call “Table Talks” are all friends of mine… new and old… all from different walks of my life. Two I’ve known since high school, one of them I’ve been close to since then… the other I’ve grown close to in the past year. One I’ve known for 10 years and always had a connection with. One I met 2 years ago when I moved to Rockwall and love dearly. The other, was always “my husband‘s friends wife” until we actually had some time together and realized… we are friends! Actually good friends and really enjoy each other!

The 5 of them didn’t really know each other before April 1. I mean, they had met… at my gatherings. But they didn’t know each other’s lives. And I’m realizing through this… there are parts of their lives  even I didn’t know. We spend about 3 hours talking over the topic each month and I would say… in these last 3 months, they have all grown to know, trust and love each other just as I had known, trusted and loved them all individually before April 1.

And just like that… we all 6 have a new community. A new tribe. A new group of women that we can lean on. And not just once a month, but anytime we need them. This is what community is about. It’s about forming bonds and friendships and trust and love and faithfulness to individuals. And it’s about GROWING. Growing in your confidence, in your self disciplines (showing up on a Monday night when you’re tired or distracted takes discipline), in your desire to KNOW others and know how God is working in their lives. To know what is going on with them. 

This is definitely not an “Ad” for IF:Table but if you would like a great template for how to start a gathering like this… you can find all of the info here

You can also check back with me here each month as I plan to share about each of our Table Talks… and how we are changing the world… and our lives… or maybe just talking each other off the ledge… one conversation and meal at a time 😉

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