Sunday Offering: When your assignment changes

Most of you know my son, Micah. He’s a senior at the Air Force Academy. He’s one of those people that sets a goal and reaches the goal. He was team captain of his high school football team. He was the only player to be appointed a D1 football scholarship that year. All achievements he had worked hard to receive. Two years ago, during offseason from football, he started boxing. The very first time he had ever boxed in his life. And guess what? He was really really good. He transferred from football to boxing his Junior year and after one year of boxing, earned the title of Wing Open Champion and #2 in the nation. He works hard. Again, he sets a goal, he focuses, he does research… and he attains it.

3 weeks ago, he got injured while boxing. I didn’t post anything about this… but y’all, it was scary. If you’re one of my gal pals that got the frantic text… you know. He got hit in the eye so hard that it pushed his eye ball back and fractured the back of his orbital cavity. The dr’s couldn’t see the fracture in their exam so they cleared him to fight again the next week. Of course he did. And of course it made the unknown injury worse. He called me on a Sunday evening and said “Mom, something isn’t right. I think I’m really sick.”

By Monday evening, he was in the ER having a CT scan, IV antibiotics, IV steroids and multiple tests. This is where they found the fracture… and the bone infection that had set in.
Our second concern, after his health, was… can he fly. He was just appointed a coveted spot for flight training.

At his follow up appointment, the dr cleared him for flight training… but banned him from boxing again.

Two weeks from defending his title as Wing Open Champion. Something he had worked so hard for. And in his senior year.

His assignment changed.

Without his consent. Without his desire. Without his permission.

Have you been here before?

When you go from champion to coach. From loving wife to grieving widow. From supportive partner to betrayed lover. From devoted employee to fearfully unemployed.

Your assignment changes without your consent.

When you are in this place, there is literally only one thing you can do… show up.

For Micah, that meant to show up for his teammates. To go from fighter to coach. To go from being in the ring to being on the outside of the ropes helping his teammates.

Hear me on this… that is not where he WANTS to be. But he is there. He is showing up.

After my dad passed away, my assignment changed. I went from a secure, safe, confident daughter to a frightened, anxious, insecure young woman. My father is who I drew my security from. I knew if anything happened… he would take care of it. Of me, my mom, Micah, my sister.

In the early days of losing him, the best I could do was show up. To work, for Micah, for my mom, for my friendships.

It was not where I WANTED to be.
But the showing up got me to where I needed to be. A place of acceptance, of hope for the future.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

When our assignment changes without our consent, it is easy to lose hope.

Since losing my dad, almost 10 years ago, he has been good at sending me signs. Sending me little winks to let me know… things are going to be ok.

I’m going to leave you with this… the cadet that took Micah’s place in the Wing Open Championship last night… the spot Micah would have been boxing in… his name was Nick. My dad’s name 😉

Love you guys. Here’s to showing up to new assignments we did not sign up for.


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