Sunday Offering: Troop Meeting

I was in Girl Scouts from 2nd grade to 7th grade and then, in the 7th grade, I decided I was too cool for Girl Scouts. But you know what? I LOVED GIRL SCOUTS. I loved it in the 7th grade. But I was afraid all the other middle schoolers that weren’t in Girl Scouts would think I wasn’t cool if I was.
Y’all… what I would give to be able to tell that insecure 12 year old that it doesn’t matter! That basically you are going to grow up and be an adult Girl Scout. You are going to love cooking and crafting and serving others. And you are going to grow up and still be friends with those same girls that were in Girl Scouts in 7th grade.
As an adult, I missed Girl Scouts. I missed the Troop Meetings the most. So one year… I just started my own. I hosted Troop Meetings for 7 years. Each year, when Girl Scout Cookies went on sale, I’d invite all of my girlfriends over and I’d bake tons of GS themed treats and we’d eat baked goods and GS Cookies and drink GS cookie themed cocktails and watch Troop Beverly Hills. We would craft and laugh and share true, innocent girly time together.

Troop 2012
Troop 2014
Cookie Cocktails!
GS themed dessert spread, Troop Meeting 2012
Cookie Cocktail!!!
Troop Meeting 2013
GS Cookie sundaes!!!!
Thin Mint Bundt Cake
Tagalong Cake

As our spring got busier and friends got busier it was hard to hold Troop Meetings… I hope to get back to them (just FYI, girls) but until then, my gal pal Brittany and I have started hosting Girl Scout Cookie Pop Ups at her pie shop.

Last year we even dressed the part!

Troop Meeting 2019

And I shared one of my favorite and easiest GS themed dessert recipes with Blue Ribbon News

This year we are hosting our Troop Meeting Pop Up at Bonafide Betties Pie Shop on Saturday, 2/1 from 10am-4pm. Brittany is making some amazing GS themed pies and I am making GS cookie truffles!

GS Cookie Monster Pie & GS Cookie Truffles

We hope to see you there! And also, if you have a 7th grader that thinks she’s too cool… remind her that we get it, we understand, but also… girl, if you only knew… life turns out to be real real fun no matter what you do in 7th grade.

Love you all! Here’s to channeling our inner Girl Scout… a girl that is “always prepared” and “ready to help out wherever needed.”

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