Sunday Offering: The Promise

Yesterday, I saw someone post this quote…

Most of our lives (esp right now) are lived on Holy Saturday.

It’s the space between promise & fulfillment – where we pray, cry, ache & dream for better days.

But regardless of how bleak it may seem – we hang onto hope.

For this is a Hope that NEVER disappoints.

From a religious stand point, Saturday was the day between when Jesus died on the cross… his literal worst day ever… betrayed, beaten, mocked, spit on, hung on a cross to die and then… death. And the day he rose from the grave to take his place in heaven for eternity… the day the promise was fulfilled… um, best day ever.

Friday (worst day ever), Saturday (the in between), Sunday (best day ever).

A weekend.

And like this quote says… most of us live on that Saturday. That day between disappointment and happiness. Failure and success. Depression and relief.

The promise is coming. Because, well, it’s a promise. And whether it’s a stimulus check or a loan approval or a prescription from your dr that finally works… or… maybe… a lift in the “stay home” order. The promise is coming. We don’t have to live in Saturday forever.

Hang on to the hope, friends. Whatever you are struggling with right now… Sunday is a comin’. You know how I know?… the sun rose this morning. It rose behind storm clouds and lightening and thunder and big fat rain drops. BUT IT ROSE. Because THAT is the PROMISE.

Your Saturday will end. Your Sunday will come.

Happy Easter friends. I love you so much.


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