Sunday Offering: The Land of Beef & Honey

As most of you know, Evan and I produce and sell beef & honey. His family has had Hereford cattle on the land since 1962 and locally caught bees since the early 2000’s. They have processed beef and harvested honey many many times in the past but never for public sale.

Honestly, I don’t know what moved us to do this new thing… but here we are. And yesterday, we had our first event, off of Tate Farms property, selling beef & honey. We sold out of all our large jars of honey. Sold out of all the homemade snack mix I made. Had lots of people ask where the honey comb is that I post about and sent some happy folks home with Tate Farms grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

We set up our 2-horse rodeo trailer that Evan converted into a bar/retail space. I made some info sheets early that morning and Emily labeled the honey as we were setting up. Evan hung the banner we had made a while back and Ethan manned the Photo Wagon.

My nature is for everything to be perfect. To have a beautiful new logo to start this new venture. To have cool shirts and awesome stickers and hats and koozies and full color, tri-fold fliers and cards that have “cool new logo” on them. 

Today was not that. But it worked. And was wildly successful in my opinion. I mean… we have been running ninety to nothing for weeks. We took a spur of the moment job/roadtrip to Marfa on MONDAY. And got back WEDNESDAY. We worked all day Thursday and Friday and we set up an entirely new business on Saturday morning. With 2 kids in tow. 

Last fall, I went to Camp Well… “a four-day soul care retreat to reflect, refocus and reset”. One of the things they talked about many times was… “go early ugly”.

Oh. That is so hard for me. I want it to be “right”. To be amazing. To be “on brand”… whatever that means! I want my vision to be what I roll out at the launch of a new idea. I want all the little details I have tucked away to be there. The logo, the stickers, the hats, the labels and all the info pamphlets.

Yesterday… I went early ugly. 

But guess what? No one thought it was ugly.

Y’all, your “ugly” is probably someone else’s “beautiful”.

Over the past few days, even going into our set up yesterday, I let my need, my desire, to be perfect flare up just a bit. Take that back… a lot. I got a little snappy. I pointed out some flaws in others and I’m sure I was less than pleasant at times. I let that little voice saying “this isn’t good enough” try to get me to give up. To just throw my hands up and say… I’m not ready. It’s not ready. We need to wait until… blah, blah, blah.

Thankfully, Evan is forgiving. And patient. Thankfully, Evan knows my need for perfection gets me in a bad spot sometimes. And thankfully, he knows my need for perfection gets me in a great spot sometimes. And he’s willing to just weather both storms. 

But also… let me say this… there is definitely a force behind Evan. Encouraging that forgiveness and patience. And THAT is what opens my eyes. Makes me stop mid melt down and think… this is fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE. We don’t have to have tri-fold pamphlets or shiny stickers or whatever it is.

This is fine. This is good. This is enough!!! And when I let that voice take over the other one… things are so much better. So much more enjoyable.

I have some more words I want to say about “The Land of Beef & Honey” and some recipes I’d like to share too. But let’s start here for now. Let’s start with going early ugly. Ooof… even when it’s so so hard. I promise you, no one knows. Most people are looking at you in awe and thinking “I can’t believe she can do that.”

Happy Sunday, friends.

We will be at Double Wide in Dallas from 12-5 today selling that beef and honey. Come see us… but don’t you dare ask for a full color, tri-fold info pamphlet. Don’t you dare! 😉

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