Sunday Offering: The Land of Beef & Honey, Part 2

In my last post about “The Land of Beef & Honey”… which is what I have somewhat coined this time in my life… I talked about going early ugly. About just doing it. IT being the idea, the business model, the contest… the whatever it is you want to do and don’t think you are ready for. 

Well, I did it again. I went early ugly and entered a cooking contest at the State Fair of Texas. They offer a contest called “Honey, The Magic Ingredient”. It’s any dish or dessert you want to make that includes honey. Evan and I had been working on this pizza recipe. Our own Tate Farms beef sausage flat bread topped with Tate Farms honey. It’s so good and we love it so much. Evan even came up with a super clever name…

The Beef Sting Pizza. Get it? BEE….f Sting. Like a bee that stings you!!! Because the sausage is a little spicy… and then the honey. You get it!

Anyways… the contest rules forbid the use of any mixes. My pizza crust of choice is the Pillsbury thin crust in a biscuit can. It’s so easy and tastes great. Well, rules are rules and I couldn’t use it. So in true Melissa fashion, I came up with a recipe the night before the contest. I was not prepared. This was the me… going early ugly. I had so many grand ideas of making little individual flat breads for each judge and hand folding tiny pizza boxes. I even started that project, got two made and was like… nope. can’t. 

I ended up calling in a favor to our local pizza joint, The Italian Village, and asked him for a pizza box and some individual parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper.I stayed up late the night before and made the dough, wrapped it in saran wrap and went to bed. The next morning when I opened the fridge… the dough had expanded and broken through the saran wrap. Ha! 

I made the pizza. It was beautiful. I mean BEAUTIFUL. I made a little sign for the pizza box. I put the little individual cheeses and red pepper in there. And I entered it into the contest!

A sweet stranger caught me doing the drizzle and took this picture.

The Beef Sting Pizza didn’t win. You wanna know why? The crust. 

The crust! After the winners were announced and I went to pick up my dish, one of the judges stopped me and said… “We all loved this. The flavor is great. The presentation is great. It was a beautiful pizza. But the crust wasn’t crispy enough towards the middle. You need dock the pizza dough before you bake it.”

Y’all. I had to look up what “dock pizza dough” meant. I had not done my research on making pizza dough from scratch. I had just done it! But now I know. You have to dock the crust! Also… basically, its just means poke holes in it. Like you do a pie crust. Which I totally know to “poke holes in a pie crust”. But dock a pizza dough… I gotta google that one.

The point is. I didn’t know what I was doing. But I did it. I did the part I did know… and I did that beautifully. And because the judges had seen that I put in the effort and was truly interested in this thing… he took the time to give me incredible, professional feedback. And so now, I know. I know to dock the dough!

One of the State Fair photographers sent me this picture and after knowing why I didn’t win… it really makes me giggle.

Either way. The pizza is perfect and delicious and you should definitely try it. But also… use the Pillsbury Thin Crust dough that you get in the biscuit section. And if you want to be daring and make your own dough… DOCK IT. Dock the dang dough, y’all!

And also… go early ugly and just do it!

Happy Sunday

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