Sunday Offering: The Adult Nap Mat

So, y’all know that Sunday Offering is just something I find important to share with you. Like an offering at church… sometimes I have a lot to give, sometimes I have a little to give and sometimes I don’t even make it to church!

Well… today… my friends… I bring you… the adult nap mat.

It is a thing. And it is a REAL thing in my life right now.

Last week, as I was walking in Costco, with my mask of course, a little stressed, a little worried, a little on edge… and I saw this.

An adult nap mat.

Y’all. We need rest. Any way we can get it.

It will not come naturally to us in these days. So we need to intentionally create spaces for rest.

This room in our house used to be a storage closet. When I moved in, I was like… this has a window… I can put a desk in here… I can do yoga in here… this is MY room. This is my space.

It is also now where my nap mat is. I know not everyone has a closet they can convert into a nap room but surely you have some space somewhere that you could claim as your own. And if not… the nap mat is portable.

I encourage you to find a place to rest. A place where you can collect your thoughts and feelings and talk with God and pray and meditate.

Here is the link to your very own adult nap mat…

American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat 3.5 x 30 x 75 inch Jr Twin TriFold Mattress, Navy

I couldn’t find the link to the exact one at Costco but you can see the picture above and if you have a membership look for it when you’re there! It was $35 and totally worth it.

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