Sunday Offering: Sweet Baby Micah

On this cloudy Sunday morning, I am sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to go see my sweet baby Micah. Friday was his 21st birthday. The Air Force Academy got him that day but the next three days are mine.

Earlier this month, I shared a snippet of our story in my Blue Ribbon News article on how his life has affected mine in so many positive ways. And I’d say/hope I have affected his as well. 

“Micah is my one and only birth child. I had him when I was 19 years old by way of a very unplanned pregnancy. I think I have talked before about what amazing parents I have but if not, I have amazing parents. I can only imagine the worry and, I’ll say it, disappointment they felt when I told them I was pregnant. Nevertheless, they stuck by my side…”

I wanted to write some words about him for today’s Sunday Offering. But I really feel like I wrote it all in my article this month. To read the full article and get the recipe for Micah‘s favorite birthday dessert, please visit my friends at Blue Ribbon News

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