Sunday Offering: Spring Forward!

I get it… this is confusing. I mean, it says “Spring Forward” yet it’s actually “Fall Back”. And then there is soup. But no real mention of why I used a picture of soup. So… yea, it’s all weird. But here is where my brain is at…

It’s November 1st. It’s also the end of Daylight Saving Time. It’s the beginning of a new week. AND it’s 60 days until January 1, 2021.

I’ve gotta get my act together. I’ve gotta SPRING FORWARD. Get it?!?!? I’ve gotta like get myself going. I mean… I’ve pretty much just been surviving these past 8 months. I had so many plans for the book, for my social media posts, for my house, for our business… so, it’s time to SPRING INTO ACTION on the day we normally fall back!

I’m feeling good about it. I woke up at 7:15am because it would normally be 8:15am and I’m thinking I can totally leverage that internal clock to my advantage and get some stuff done.

First thing I got done…

The Melissa Tate TX Friends Only File Facebook Group. Did you ever have a “Friends Only File”? They sold them at the mall and it was basically a diary but a diary that you shared with your friends. An amazing concept and probably, basically, the same thing as like a group text thread between you are your besties. Here is one of my best gal pal’s holding our original Friends Only File inside our favorite restaurant, El Fenix.

Funny story about Jenny and I… we bought the domain name “” and planned to write a rainbow themed cookbook together one day. The website expired and so did our passion for rainbow themed foods but I’m still holding out the hope of writing something with her one day. She’s beautiful and genius and talented and all the things that embody a Friends Only File Member. Also… one time, years… and I mean YEARS… ago, we acquired a perm from the local Sac-N-Save and I applied it to her hair… and then we fell asleep. And it fried her hair off. And I have vivid memories of unrolling the perm rods and her hair just coming out in chunks of wet cotton candy like-ish-ness.


It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. Something I have needed to do. Banding together my tribe, my team. The people I can share stories and recipes with that will end up in the book one day. The people I can ask questions of, give recipes to (that may actually try them), the people that will cheer me on, pray for me, tell me the truth… the “launch team”. A launch team “is a group of people who are going to set you up for success when your book launches. They could be fans of previous work, blog readers, friends who want to support you…” people like Jenny who’s hair I can fry off and we still remain friends for 20 more years….

So, will you be on my launch team? It doesn’t really require much… especially right now!

Here’s what I would need from you:

  • Join the Melissa Tate TX Friends Only File Facebook Group (FOF)
  • Join my email list (you can do this by going to my website… it will pop up!) I plan to start a biweekly newsletter… I will send it to the FOF group first… that way you can stop me before I send it to everyone else if it sounds silly!
  • Try some of the recipes I post in the FOF group and let me know what you think
  • Pray for me… seriously. Just cheer me on. Gosh that’s hard to ask for but it’s what I need. Motivation!!!!

And that’s it. For now 😉

When the book launches… you’ll be the first to read it

When the book launches… you’ll be the first to the book signing party (which also means first dibs to the charcuterie board)

When the book launches… you’ll be the first to know everything!


You’ll be the first to get the recipe for Evan’s Beef Vegetable Soup. Thursday was Mimi’s birthday so we celebrated her over the weekend. We made a dinner of all the things she orders from every restaurant we go to… which is two things, vegetable beef soup and queso. No matter where we go, she finds one of those things on the menu. She prefers the vegetable beef soup to have ground beef rather than chunks of beef so Evan made it just the way she likes it.

That recipe is the first post in the Melissa Tate TX Friends Only File Group. I hope to see you there!

(and also… do we need FOF shirts?? and koozies?? maybe dishtowels??? I THINK WE DO!!!!)

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