Sunday Offering: Second Sunday Supper

Throughout the past few months, I’ve mentioned Sunday Supper several times here on the blog. As someone who loves to host… Second Sunday Supper is possibly my favorite.

I started it one year ago as a way to bring all of “my people” from all my walks of life, into the same space. I started it as a way for me to see my friends at least once a month. If we had all been crazy busy and missed every other opportunity to feed ourselves and fellowship… there would always be Sunday Supper.

I set the rules in the beginning.

There are no rules.

No, seriously, there are no rules. (Well except, no kids… no husbands).

No theme. No sign up list. No RSVP. No name tags. No beautifully styled centerpieces. And for sure, for sure, for sure… no hashtag. 

I did it this way because I want Sunday Supper to be an ”ask free zone.” We, as women, and just as normal humans… get asked a lot. A lot of the time. 

In this space… you show up if you can. If your day allowed you to. And you show up with whatever your pantry held in that moment. And you show up with whatever your face looked like and your hair looked like. You will not be asked to label your dish, or yourself, or anything else. 

Every month, we celebrate the birthdays of that month. I make a birthday cake every time, we put all the birthday gals names on the board and we sing Happy Birthday. On some occasions, this is the only thing that lady got to do for their birthday… the only cake they got to eat, that they didn’t make themselves!

We use lots of crockpots. And sour cream. And noodles. And carbs. All the carbs.

Because there is a strict… no theme, no sign-up list rule… sometimes we end up with all appetizers and desserts. Sometimes we end up with all casseroles and cake. And it is all, always perfect. 

Sunday Supper is open to anyone. Any friend. Any gal. Literally, any lady that wants to join in food and fellowship. We run a solid group of the same 20 ladies, with a good group of 10 or so that filter in and out. 

We have a moms table for our dear mothers. It’s in the kitchen and seems to work just fine for them. We have invited them to join the young lively group in the dining room. But they seem quite content with where they are.

Sometimes we meet at the party barn and sometimes we meet at my house. It depends on weather… and whether… or not I cleaned my house.

We have a dinner bell.

And we say a sweet liturgical prayer before we start.

A prayer that reminds us we are all here to join one another in whatever we, as a individuals… are going through. We rejoice with those that rejoice and we mourn with those that mourn. 

I told everyone last week, my plan to make my army bigger… worked. Now, my friends… are friends with my friends. My old friends now know my new friends. My ”barn friends” now know my “Dallas friends.” I have strengthened my own army 10 fold… and each one of these ladies… has done the same.

It‘s an amazing thing to be part of. 

Sunday Supper is an easy thing to start. You literally just need a space. A home, an office, a church even. And then you invite people. It doesn’t have to be on Sundays. It can be on Tuesdays at lunch in your office building. And everyone in the office brings a dish. It can be a Friday brunch after you all drop the kids off at school.

Remember… there are no rules!!

I want to leave you with two things…

•You are always, always invited to my table. The Second Sunday of every month at 6:00… I will be there. 

•You can start this yourself anytime. Hosting does not have to be perfect or stressful or well planned. I promise you, it doesn’t. No one cares. They just want your company. 

We rarely take pictures at Sunday Supper… because, again… it’s not really what it’s about. But I did find some good ones… And I wanted to share them with you.

And in looking through the pictures, I was reminded that the very first Sunday Supper, a year ago, was preceded with a big rain shower and a beautiful full rainbow. And I’ll take that as God’s wink… and way of saying… “You’re on the right track, girl. You’re doing the right thing. Keep. It. Up.”

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