Sunday Offering: Say “Yes!”, figure it out later.

On this edition of Sunday Offering… Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

I did not make up this phrase nor am I the only one to say it but I do , in fact, live by this motto. I can’t say it hasn’t gotten me in a little trouble and maybe caused me a little stress but more than either of those… living by this motto has caused me to step out onto a limb when I needed to, go ugly early when I had to and take advantage of opportunities that just happened upon me even if I wasn’t ready, knowledgeable or confident.

The best way to explain what “Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!” has done for me in my life is to just give you a few examples… starting with this past week.

On Wednesday, I got an email from a lady that I hold in high regard. She is a great teacher, leader, speaker and author. Someone you really want on your team… and someone who’s team… you would be honored to be on. I was attending a luncheon that she was putting on prior to a large women’s conference. And so she sent me an email and said “Please don’t feel pressured. But could you put together 8 floral arrangements for the luncheon tables and bring them with you on Friday?”

I am not a florist. I am not well versed in florals. But I like flowers… and also, I like this gal that asked me to do it… so, “YES! of course I can do that for you.”

Say “Yes!”, figure it out later.

I had already planned on meeting two other ladies prior to the luncheon on Friday, just to hang before we all went. After much debate, a typed text, a deleted text and a little tiny bit of positive self talk (for all of those dumb insecurities that run through your brain)… I messaged the two gals and asked for help.

Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that part yet… Say “Yes!” is just the first part of the phrase… “figure it out later” almost always requires asking someone else for help. And guess what? People love to help. People love to work in groups. People LOVE to teach other people something they already know. Your friends should be your largest group of resources.

These gals that I asked to help, not florists either, were ecstatic! We found a Trader Joe’s a few miles from the luncheon. Another gal that was attending was staying at a hotel nearby so we roped her in as well. We met at the store, collectively made a plan, bought the flowers, laid them out on the hotel bed… and made 8 beautiful flower arrangements… in less than an hour.

We had such a great time together. We laughed and talked and all realized that we were actually not that bad at styling florals. We could all agree that our friend, Amanda, was superior at the “fluffing” but we were all pretty good.

I said “Yes!”, and I figured it out.

And in figuring it out, I made a great memory with a few new friends. And got to help out a friend that I really respect.

It built confidence. It taught me a new skill. It reminded me that asking for help is always a good idea… a lot of times, the best idea. It built someone else’s confidence in me. And I had a great time.

Y’all. Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

I’m going to give you a few more very quick examples of how saying “Yes”, even when I wasn’t ready… changed my life.

After mine and Evan’s wedding 3 years ago, I got a phone call. From Kacey Musgraves. Yes. THE Kacey Musgraves. You see, I had planned my own wedding. Decked it out in all the things I loved. Themed it after my very favorite thing…. The State Fair of Texas and just had the best time ever! Her sister is a friend of mine and had attended the wedding. Kacey had recently gotten engaged and her sweet sister reported back to her the amazingness of our wedding.

In that call, she asked if I would coordinate her wedding.

I am not a wedding coordinator. Nor planner. Nor stylist.

Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

Kacey Musgraves & Ruston Kelly, NBarrett Photography

I called in a lot of favors on that one. Mostly to Evan Tate. And then there was a whole team of us there just doing what we were great at and helping those along side us with what they were great at.

It was gorgeous. It taught me a ton. And it got published in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Speaking of my marriage to Evan Tate… Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

My successful business, Photo Wagon… Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

Moving a 124 year old chapel… Say “Yes!”, figure it out later!

I hope these stories encourage you. Encourage you to take the leap, make the move, just do it, just go ugly early… and maybe change your life. But if not that, for sure have some fun and probably learn something new.

I hope you have a great Sunday friends. I’m off to take that post church nap and make a chocolate cake for Sunday Supper!

Love you all!


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