Sunday Offering: I want to make your recipes… and give you a FREE gift

One of the things I miss the most about my Sunday Supper was eating other peoples food. Eating other peoples recipes and hearing the story of how they made it… where they got the recipe… the first time they made it… why they brought it.

I love recipes.

I’m not a recipe developer. I mean… I definitely have some recipes I have made up all on my own and love! But my passion is not in recipe development. My passion is in cooking things that mean something to me and the people in my life. And making other people’s recipes. I LOVE old Junior League cookbooks or Friendship Baptist Church cookbooks or Dallas County Gardening Club cookbooks… you get the idea! I got two for Christmas… one was the 1995 Rockwall County Historical Foundation cookbook (which contained some Tate boy recipes that I will share) and the other was a Summer Ridge Retirement Home cookbook from when Evan’s grandmother was a resident there.

My cooking articles for Blue Ribbon News are mostly recipes I adapted from somewhere else. They are stories of recipes and relationships. Meals and memories. Ingredients and intentions.

I haven’t done much in the way of resolutions or goals for 2021. I feel like everything from 2020 just carried over!

But one thing I do want to do is make more of YOUR recipes. I want to cook more of what is important to you. I want to know the story and make it in my own kitchen. And then talk about it with you and share it with other people!

And make it easy for you! Below is a printable recipe page. You’ll have a page for the meal and one for the memory. You can easily print this out, write the info, snap a pic and send it my way! If that’s too much… send me an email with your favorite recipe. It doesn’t even have to have a story with it. That too much?? Tell me your favorite meal… and I’ll find a recipe!

I want to know more about you and what you like to eat… and WHY! What made you fall in love with smothered steak?!?!

And for sending me your meals, your memories, your recipes… I want to send you a gift.

About a year and a half ago I made these little books for an event I was going to. A tiny version of what I want to write.

I want to send you one! Sort of like a recipe swap… sort of! For every person that sends me a recipe… I want to send you a tiny little version of what I plan to write (this year… fingers crossed… remember those 2020 goals that just carried over…)

There you have it. I want to cook your favorite foods. And talk about it. And share it with other people.

My email is [email protected] I can not wait to hear from you!

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