Sunday Offering: Father’s Day PicNick

the day I got my braces off 🙂

Father’s Day. It’s one of those days that I have to figure out how to navigate each and every year. How to celebrate my husband, my step dad, men in Micah’s life and still hold space for the incredible grief that sits with the absence of my own dad.

This year, I decided to host a Father’s Day PicNick at the farm. The idea was to invite families out and give them the opportunity to picnic amongst the cows and horses in the pasture while watching the sunset. Give them the opportunity to create a unique memory with their families.

As always, we had a super busy weekend… Friday morning was Bakers Against Racism, Friday night was the drive in movie, Saturday morning was Farmers Market and then straight into prepping for the Father’s Day PicNick. I could feel myself getting anxious Friday morning. Thinking of all the things I had to do. All the moving parts of the weekend… and wanting all of them to go well. Especially the PicNick.

I think you all know that my dad’s spirit has always given me the little winks I need. Exactly the right timing and moment for me to know I’m headed in the right direction and everything is going to A-OK. And that cardinals normally play a part in that. Surely because cardinals are one of the most common spiritual signs that people receive from Heaven… but also because my dad and I were obsessed with St Louis Cardinals baseball in the late 90’s. We watched every game together. My mom would make dinner and the four of us… myself, mom, dad and Micah… would watch the game. That time in our lives created some of my favorite memories.

Yesterday at the Farmers Market there were two different older men… not together… that stopped at our booth wearing St Louis Cardinals baseball shirts from the late 90’s.

Two. Not one… just kind of by coincidence… but two.

I asked the second man if there was a reason he was wearing the shirt… was there something I missed in the news… because how odd is it that two men at the Rockwall Farmers Market would be wearing old Cardinals baseball shirts. He said he was originally from St Louis and just loved the team. I felt like a creep asking to take his picture but you all know I wish I had.

My mom and sister came up to visit and while they were standing in front of the trailer, the first guy that I saw wearing a Cardinals shirt passed by for the second time. I almost told my mom and sis to look at him but as I started to, he looked over and gave me the sweetest, most comforting smile I’ve seen in a long while. It didn’t seem necessary to tell them my hunch at that point… I knew.

The Tate Farms First Annual Father’s Day PicNick went off without a hitch. One of my favorite events to date. Family’s could bring their own meal or purchase a picnic meal from us. I had such a great time assembling all of the meals. They each had a honey pulled pork sandwich with Tate Farms honey, a cute little mixed veggie box of vegetables I got at the Farmers Market, a bag of original Lay’s potato chips, a piece of Mimi’s Strawberry Cake (my dad’s favorite), 2 chocolate chip cookies and drinks.

It was perfect. And I mean that. Evan and I weren’t stressed. The kids helped me so much. Our friend Kelly came out and took a family picture for all the picnic-ers.

also… Ruby, our dog… is eating my pulled pork in this picture. thank you, Ruby.

I’m thankful for the signs my dad sends me. Thankful for the comfort the Lord provides. Life will never ever be the same without him and I wish so badly that he was here.

Yesterday was a great day though. I know my dad would be proud. He would have been right there in the midst of it meeting and greeting and passing out his favorite strawberry cake.

I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your Father’s Day. I hope you are able to think on great memories of fathers lost and create new ones with those still here.

And, as always… look for those signs my friends. They are there. Or maybe they are coming 😉

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