Sunday Offering: Family Vacations

Not until I married Evan, did I begin taking a yearly vacation… just for vacation. It wasn’t something my parents did when I was a kid. We went to car shows for “vacation”. And when Micah was younger, we went to baseball tournaments for “vacation”. 

I never knew how important it was to a family structure. Our family vacation is one of the few times I see Evan totally relaxed. Not concerned about phone calls or horses or cows or hay or any of the things. And you know who else sees that? The kids. It’s also the only time I get a solid week of wake ups and goodnights and breakfasts and lunches and dinners from Evan, Micah, Emily and Ethan.

No friends. No meetings. No girls dinners. No one stopping in to say “hey”. Absolutely no other obligations. Just the family. Doing all the fun things together but also doing all of the regular things together. Those regular things might be my favorite part of the vacation.

This summer, Micah was not able to go on our big annual vacation to Cape Cod so we squeezed in a south Texas trip while he was home. We kayaked the San Marcos River…

floated the Comal River, stopped in Round Rock to get a Texas sized donut…

and bought everything anyone wanted at HEB to have the biggest and best cookout you could imagine on the community grills near the public pool. We even  bought so much that we had to use the grill at the neighboring picnic area as well. Oooooops!

Micah threw Emily and Ethan in the pool so many times that he had to take a little break. He taught them how to play old school pool games and later that same night, all 3 kids beat me and Evan at Pictionary. Legit… we were AMAZED at how well the little kids did at that game!¬†

We laughed at Ethan’s hilarious one liners. Bragged on Emily’s swimming skills. And enjoyed all the time we got to spend with Micah. We ate burgers and wings and ice cream and donuts and mexican food and an entire bag of homemade snack mix. Some great inside jokes were born that week and we learned that out of all the potato salad you can buy at HEB… deviled egg is the best.

Last year, we all went to Evan’s family’s home in New England. And I remember thinking… “We have to do this every year. This place brings us together”. But it’s not the place. It’s the action of taking the time to get away from everything else and only be with your family.

Again, we didn’t do this when I was younger. And I never really did it with Micah either. But I realize now, how beneficial it is to everyone. We created so many good memories and saw each other in different ways than we are accustomed to in daily life.

I’m with ya that trips can be expensive. And maybe you can’t take off work. I know there are reasons but I’d encourage you to try and make it happen. Throw your expectations out the window… try to leave your planner in the trunk… and just have a good time. Honestly, we got an Air B&B walking distance to Schlitterbahn and never even went. Ha! We were having a great time doing other stuff… and so we did that stuff.

Last thing, you do not have to have children to go on a vacation with your family. Go with your parents, your spouse, your sister, your grandmother for goodness sakes! Just go. That’s the point. Go.

Just for giggles… here are the pictures from our last 3 years in Cape Cod. The kids have grown so much! And I wish Micah could go every single time!




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