Sunday Offering: Easter Faves

Well… of course Micah is an Easter Fave but also… I have lots of Easter Fave Foods! And I am so ready to share!

I’ve shared most of them in the past through different writing avenues… this is your official round up. Several are from my monthly cooking column, Cooking with Ease, in Blue Ribbon News so you’ll also get a good little story with the recipes too.

  1. No Bake Eclair Cake: Speaking of Micah, this is his favorite dessert. It’s also super easy and doesn’t take up any precious time in the oven on holidays. Click the link for recipe and a sweet story.

2. Broccoli & Rice Casserole and Creamed Spinach: I found these recipes in some old recipe columns that Evan’s mom wrote. Both are a great addition to any Easter meal. Click the link for both recipes and story.

3. Coconut Poke Cake with Green Coconut & Jelly Beans: My mom made this cake every Easter as far back as I can remember. This is not my picture as I could not find mine… or maybe I never took one and just always scarf it down. But here you go and follow the link to a site I just discovered that posted the same exact recipe!

4. Bacon Tomato Tartlet: These are perfect as an appetizer or an addition to a small bite filled Easter. They’re easy to make and good hot or cold. Click the link for recipe and story!

That’s what I’ve got for you! I hope you are able to gather with family next week and enjoy some Easter treats, beautiful weather and reflect on the promises that come true each and every day. Spring will come, the sun will rise, joy comes in the morning.

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