Sunday Offering: Cobbler Cone

As summer nears the end… supposedly… we start to turn our thoughts towards fall-ish desserts. Well, years ago… when I was young and sweet and blogging under the name Sugar Derby… I came up with this great idea.

A Cobbler Cone.

Yes… a cobbler cone. A summer treat combined with a fall treat and perfect for any season of life… especially the ones where you want and need all the things.

Making a cobbler cone is simple. You’ll need cobbler, waffle cones and vanilla ice cream.

First, you make your cobbler. Lucky for you, I have a simple and amazing cobbler recipe. The recipe itself has made it’s way into a couple of my Blue Ribbon News articles and given me some serious “winks” in the past couple of years. It’s a cobbler that my mom has made all throughout my life and later I found out, Evan’s mom made throughout his life.

So you’ll make this cobbler:

*psst… this is an image so you can save the whole recipe card on your phone! Just press and hold till it asks if you want to save the image.

Let your cobbler cool just a bit. I like mine to be “room temp plus” which I think is maybe a term I just made up (I just googled it. I did make it up.) 

Anyways, fill your waffle cone with cobbler, top it with vanilla ice cream and ENJOY!

This is seriously one of my favorite desserts. Cobbler a la mode a la cone!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful Sunday and getting pumped up for fall like I am. Football and pumpkins and well, I guess all the other things.

Also, tonight is Sunday Supper! If you’ve been debating whether or not to come… COME! I’m making beef stroganoff… with Tate Farms beef!

Love you friends, Melissa

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