Sunday Offering: Christmas Winks

Ok y’all. I’m freaking out a little as I write this. Even though the whole story is about winks… I am still constantly in shock and awe when I get them. And as I sat down to write this, I prayed that my story would come through to you. The words I wanted to say would be clear and easy to read. That the story would resonate with you.

And then… I wrote the title “Christmas Winks” and then posted the picture… and for the first time ever, realized that Santa is WINKING! He’s winking! And I’m like… ok, Lord… ok, Dad… I get it. I get it. So here we go…

Every year since my dad has been gone, he has given us a big ol Christmas Wink. In a time when we miss him the most. Grieve his loss the most. He has given us a little sign to say… I’m here. Everything is fine. You’re doing the right thing.

I’ve felt his winks many many times… but these winks at Christmas always mean so much to me. (click on those links for more wink stories!)

He passed in August and the very first Christmas without him we went to a Christmas party hosted by some of my parents closest friends. My moms first time to attend that party alone. Everyone was to bring a small gift for the gift exchange. My mom picked up a coffee table book at TJ Maxx about hot rods… my dad was a car guy… and this party was all car guys and families. She never looked in the book. It was a pretty thick book full of pages and pages of different hot rods. No names mentioned or anything. Just pictures that were available for anyone to publish.

One of the other guys ended up with the book and as he flipped through the pages… there it was. My dad’s car. Like… the car my dad owned when he passed away. The car that still sits in my garage today. We never knew this book even existed. We never knew his car was in it. Because it was just a picture book… one they don’t have to tell people about if they use your image. AND THERE IT WAS!!!! HIS CAR!!!

My dads car with the orange flames

So there is one wink.

And I’ll share one more with you because it also is one that you just can’t deny. You can’t deny it.

I believe it was the third Christmas he had been gone that this happened. Micah was in middle school and they had gotten a new principal. Keep in mind, Micah carried my maiden name “Mackaly”. So, one day around Christmas, his new principal calls my mom… because my mom had maybe worked in the office a few times and she new her better… and she says that she thinks she has something that belongs to her.

This. Is. A. True. Story. You can’t make it up!

My mom gets to the school and the principal explains that her grandmother had recently passed away (or maybe had moved to an assisted living) and Carmen, the principal, had been given a lot of her grandmother’s belongings. She said, all of her life she had seen this ceramic Santa pitcher and sugar/creamer displayed at her grandmother’s at Christmas time. That year, for the first time, it was hers. And as she turned it over one day, she saw a name on the bottom…. J. Mackaly ’59.

Mackaly is not a common name. So she had reached out to my mom.

Carmen’s grandmother was a kindergarten teacher in Mesquite for years and years. The Santa pitcher and sugar/creamer was a gift given to her by a student in 1959. The student… was my dad.

I feel like I could just stop the whole story here. Because… I mean… I’m crying… and surely you are feeling some feelings.

Can you believe it? My dad… little 5 year old dad… had given that pitcher, that his mother (my grandmother) had handmade to his teacher as a gift. And then that teachers granddaughter ended up being my sons principal and giving it back to us after my dad had passed away.


And then just now as I was typing this I realized… I just did a whole series on handmade teacher gifts… the DIY Treat Boxes... and this was a handmade teacher gift that my grandmother had made. Shock and awe.

You guys. I hope you feel it. I hope you get some winks.

I have started and stopped this sentence a few times… attempting to explain what I think you should do to put yourself in a position to get a wink. But that’s just nonsense. We can’t control that stuff. We can’t make it happen. We can’t prepare ourselves in any way to see these signs and get these winks.

So instead, I’m praying for you all. That you get every single thing you need this holiday season. Whatever that may be. That your hearts are tuned in and your minds are clear and your eyes are wide open that you would see and hear anything you need to see and hear.

Love you friends. And Happy Holidays.


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