Sunday Offering: 4th of July faves

This past week (and still currently) Evan and I have been vacationing in Cape Cod with his family. So my Sunday Offering to you today is short and sweet. I thought about writing some feelings or digging deep for a post and then I sat for a minute and thought about some super simple things that brought me joy this week. No deep feelings. No conversations with my therapist (which I had over the phone from the Cape because… feelings don’t go on vacation!!!). Just some things that made me happy. 

The following are five photos/recipes that I saw and loved on Instagram this week and the link for you to see them yourself!

1. This amazing hot dog and chip board from @thebakermama

2. This adorable USA cake that I have always loved from @mollyyeh

3. A classic. Fruit pizza from @sallysbakeblog

4. Maybe the most patriotic charcuterie board I’ve ever seen from @ainttooproudtomeg

5. For anyone who’s not really looking to make a big production but still wants their family to think they’re great and super crafty… this honey butter and fruit toast from @emilylongdesigns

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