PLUS, it’s Walmart!

Well… I have something to tell you all… in my “down time”… I’ve started a new project. 

Just kidding. I have no down time. But not just kidding, I have started something new! And I’ve got to admit, it’s been a little scary and a lot humbling. 

In the past year, I have gained 40 lbs. Yikes. I can’t believe I just typed that. But it’s out there now (I mean, I could always delete it…). But it’s out there! The thing is, these 40 lbs didn’t come from grief or depression or anxiety… they come from living my life to the very very fullest and in that… just not actually taking the time to eat in moderation and make sure I fit some exercise in. Sure, it’s not ideal. But this is my body… where I am at in life right now. I’m running several businesses, writing for 2 different media outlets, managing my own blog, parenting, wifeing… oh, and… restoring a 122 year old chapel in my backyard! Agh!!! Ok, 40 lbs seems understandable.

A few weeks ago, I found myself turning down invitations because I just literally had nothing to wear. None of my “everyday” clothes fit and every time I went to get ready I just felt completely defeated. It was easier to just stay in with my muumuu on… which, to be honest… is NEVER a bad idea! But also… “Who’s Eating Gilbert’s Grape?” so… I should probably get out some.

I’m not a huge fan of clothes shopping. It’s not my gig. I love vintage. I love thrifting. I love finding original pieces. So walking into a store where everything looks the same, has never really appealed to me. BUT I always, always need my basics… tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, jeans, high waisted skirts… things I can pair with a vintage or handmade piece and make an outfit.

Example A…. on the left, a top I got from a maker, cheap leggings and custom boots. On the right, vintage skirt paired with a top from a ranch rodeo. 

So again… what I needed was everyday clothes. Clothes I can get up in the morning and put on. Clothes I feel cute in. Clothes I can meet a client in and then turn around and work on the farm in. I hit up my normal spots… Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Ross… and nothing. Just nothing that really hit the need.

I’ve always liked the clothes at Walmart. Thought of how cute they were as I dashed from the cosmetics section all the way across to the grocery section. But I rarely take the time to really shop there. Pick up a few cute things every now and then… yes. Go into Walmart with the intent to clothes shop… no.

So I did it. Evan and I had a couple of bigger events coming up that I would need travel and everyday wear for… so I just did it. I took a whole evening and spent it shopping for just clothes at Walmart. 

I came out with 41 pieces of clothing. 41! I literally bought an entire wardrobe in one night. I got leggings, jeans, tank tops, shirts, skirts, some lounge wear… all things I can get up and throw on. Do my day in and feel cute all the while. Y’all… some of these items rang up for $1. One dollar. Most rang up for $7 or less.

Example B… on the left, the cutest little denim tri-layered shirt paired with black stretchy pants (thicker than leggings and a cuter cut). On the right, simple black dress, with pockets, concho belt and knee high stretchy boots. So cute and so comfy!

I immediately texted a few gal pals and bragged about my finds. On my way home I kept thinking… ladies need to know about this. No, wait… CURVY ladies need to know about this! I’ve been following gals like @whoawaitwalmart and @targetdoesitagain for years. These ladies are killing it. They are the OG’s. The ones that had the vision and paved the way. They are the ladies that have been posting great finds from Walmart and Target before anyone else. But no plus size. No full sized clothing. I love the clothes they show but I always think… what would that look like on me?

And then… a name came to mind “PLUS, it’s Walmart”

Get it? PLUS… like plus size… it’s Walmart… like “it’s super cute and super comfy and super cheap… plus, it’s Walmart!”

I did some quick research. No one had the name. The instagram and Facebook were still available. I knew I could not do this alone… time and talent… I needed help. So I called my long time bestie and Walmart loving friend, Ashley. I quickly explained everything to her and she said “I’m in.”

Y’all, get a friend like Ashley!

So, literally, 2 weeks ago… we sat down to lunch… got the Instagram and Facebook handles, made a logo, made a gmail… went to Walmart, stocked up on content… and went into “blogging” together. 

The thing I love about this partnership is that we each have different style, different body shape and a couple of different passions. Lots of what we love is the same. But there are some things that she loves more than me and vice versa. So it’s just perfect for a collaboration like this.

We will post everyday. Housewares, children’s seasonal, shoes, accessories… and of course, plus size clothing. We have Walmart Wednesday which is where one of us picks an item of clothing and we each style it to our likings.

Example C… ONE piece, styled TWO ways. Same Time and Tru fall, ruffled top. On the left, Ashley styled it with a lightweight cardigan and mustard leggings. On the right, I tied the top in the back and paired it with black stretchy pants cuffed at the ankle and studded slip ons. This shirt is $7. Seven dollars. Both of us… head to toe Walmart.

Here’s the ideal… this is my body. The body I am in right now. Maybe it gets smaller next year. Maybe it stays the same. But I want to feel comfortable in it. I want to feel cute and like… well… a boss. Cause isn’t that what I am? I want to get up everyday and be thankful for this skin I am in and look forward to putting my clothes on and heading out into the world. These clothes helped me to do that. They fit me… my body… and my style. 

I’d love for you to give us a follow or a LIKE. I’d say… even if you aren’t on the curvy side. You will like what we post. Walmart has such good housewares… charcuterie boards, plates, cups, bar wares… stuff that is perfect for hosting! 

If you’re on Instagram, you can find us at @plusitswalmart and Facebook is “Plus, it’s Walmart”

And if you find some cute stuff at your local Walmart… give us a shout! We’d love to see it!

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