Plum Picking, Jam Making and Step Parenting

I know that’s a random title. But those three things… are a thing! 

 We have a plum & peach tree on the farm so I thought it would be fun to have the kids help me pick the fruit. In all honesty, Emily is the plum lover, but she’s also the taller one… and the peach tree is taller. So, Ethan got to pick plums and Emily got to pick peaches. In seasons past, we’ve picked the fruit but just for plain old eating and never for anything more. This year, I decided to make plum jam and peach ice cream from our harvest. Because… you know… I’m trying to ace this farm life, y’all!

The plums were for sure the easiest. They come off the branches with little to no effort and there are just so many of them! They also have the cutest little bugs hanging around them all the time. 

I’m super lucky that the kids willingly go along with all of my adventures. Sure, they are well behaved children that know better than to say “nah, we good” when I ask them to go pick fruit with me… on their first week out for summer break. But also, kids just want to spend time with their parents. Even their step parents.

This is something I struggled with at first. My son, Micah, was 18 when Evan and I got married. I was accustomed to doing things on my own. Blowing and going as I pleased. We all know kids can slow you down a tad. Also, they like to talk. A lot. Imagine that? They want to carry on a conversation with the human being next to them! 

So, it took me a minute… or, maybe, a few minutes… to get used to having little kids around again. I’m going to type this next sentence and I want you to read it twice… this first time… read it with a little annoyance…

“They just want to be around me so much.”

And now this second time… with no annoyance. With joy and appreciation and gratitude… that… literally…

“They just want to be around me so much.”

That’s all kids want. They want your time and attention. I know, I know… I know… I know… that time and attention are a hot commodity this day in age. But it is so very important to give those things to the people in your life.

I’m not perfect at it. I still want to go to Kroger by myself every now and then and I for sure sneak away in the evening for a long bubble bath… but my time is one of the things I do have to offer Emily and Ethan. They didn’t choose for me to be in their life. We chose that for them… and out of respect and love for their little hearts… I can choose to give them the only thing they really every ask of… my time. 

After all of the fruit picking and taste testing, I made a big batch of Two Ingredient Plum Jam. This is a super simple recipe. All it requires is plums, sugar… and a little bit of your time. For the full recipe, hop on over here!

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