Oh, Fudge!!

Here’s the deal… as time rolls on, the Tate Treat Boxes get different stuff in them. If you got a box last week… your friend that gets a box this week is going to get something a lil different. Why? Because I want to BAKE IT ALL!!! And I am just one human! So I have to pace myself.

The treat box recipients this week are getting fudge! 2 kinds! 2 kinds of fudge! I rarely make fudge because for some reason it intimidates me. And it should not. For some reason I think a candy thermometer is required… and it is not! So… I talked myself out of the fetal position and made 2 fudges!

They were both easy to make and delicious! Neither are original recipes of mine… because, obvi I am scared to make them… I would never attempt to CREATE them. Aghhhhhh. Fetal position.

The fudge on the left is Gingerbread Fudge by Delish.

The fudge on the right is The Original Fantasy Fudge via allrecipes.

I hope you try something new this season. Step out of your comfort zone! If you are afraid of fudge… like I was… these are two great recipes to help you conquer that fear!

Happy Baking, Melissa

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