FREE Holiday Meal Planner

Today, I had the pleasure of hosting my second The Mama Well Instagram takeover. The Mama Well is an extension of the heart and soul of The Well Studio… which is the same ladies that lead Camp Well… which I have talked about in the past.

I shared about my passion for Meals & Memories. How meals are one of the only tangible things we can recreate to bring back a memory. When we partake in a meal with others, we are engaging all 5 of our senses. Touch… the softness of the flour, the hardness of the egg shells, the slickness of the plates; Sight… the brightness of the colors in food, the boiling of the water; Smell… the smell of the gas stove, the smell of browning butter, the smell of the finished meal; Sound… yes, the sound of the mixer blending batter and the ding of the timer but also the sound of laughter of heart felt conversations, of loved ones sharing their day to day; and Taste.. of course! The taste of the finished meal, enjoyed with friends and family.

When we engage all 5 senses at the same time, we are bound to create a memory. So let’s make it a good one!

Making meals, especially around the holidays, can be stressful. So I have put together a print out to help keep you organized and stress free.

You can easily print this out and use it for any meal planning. Use the back for your store list and have everything in one sheet!

I also put together a fun Meals & Memories conversation piece for you and those you are sharing a meal with. Have these handy so guests can fill them out and then have everyone share during or after the meal. It is so fun to hear the memorable meals people have had. One that you may have been part of but it was so special to one person and lost another.

I will talk much more about Meals & Memories in the coming weeks but I wanted to go ahead and get these out here for you before Thanksgiving!

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