Sunday Offering

Sunday offering… some weeks you have a lot to give, some weeks you have a little to give and some weeks you don’t even make it to church!

Sunday Offering: The Land of Beef & Honey

As most of you know, Evan and I produce and sell beef & honey. His family has had Hereford cattle on the land since 1962 and locally caught bees since the early 2000’s. They have processed beef and harvested honey many many times in the past but never for public sale.

What is Sunday Offering?

Every week I think I’ll spend Sunday explaining to you how I came up with “Sunday Offering” but then I have something else I want to share with you and I never do.

Sunday Offering: Sweet Baby Micah

On this cloudy Sunday morning, I am sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to go see my sweet baby Micah. Friday was his 21st birthday. The Air Force Academy got him that day but the next three days are mine.