DIY Holiday Treat Box Party

Tasting tray!

You guys… this past weekend… I hosted the First Annual DIY Holiday Treat Box Party… and it was amazing. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The treats, the chapel, the people, the weather. It was everything.

I hosted the party in the unfinished chapel. This party is the truest example of what I want to do in the chapel when it is fully restored. This is MY vision for the chapel. Of course we will host beautiful weddings. Of course we will host community events. But this party is a representation of how Melissa Tate will use this beautiful building. And even in it’s unfinished state… it was perfect and beautiful and exactly what I had envisioned it would and WILL be.

Smirl Chapel

So, the idea behind the party was that homemade treats are a lost art. I have such good memories of my mom making homemade treat boxes every year. She’d make boxes for friends, family, my dad’s coworkers, the mailman, the Schwann’s man (ha!) and of course, our teachers. I remember her baking for days. The house smelled so sweet and there was just an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude. Joy in the giving and gratitude for those we were giving to. There would be boxes and treats all over the kitchen. Me, my sister and my dad would eat the “defective” treats, we’d help her, we’d stuff boxes… and we’d take so much pride in delivering those boxes.

People don’t take the time to do this anymore. Homemade gifts take 2 things… time and energy. I get it. Those two things are hard to come by. Incredibly hard at times. So I decided to host the DIY Holiday Treat Box Party. The goal was to make homemade treat box giving easy for you. I made all of the treats…

Cherry Thumbprint Cookies & Pretzel Hugs
Peppermint Bark & Ginger Snaps
Gammy’s Mini Pecan Pie Muffins & Papa’s Peanut Butter Balls
Oreo Truffle Balls & Peanut Butter Cups
Tate Farms Classic Snack Mix & Micah’s Muddy Buddies

I provided all of the boxes, tissue, treat cups, tags…

Boxes! And tissue! And treat cups! And ribbon! And all the things!

So, when each person came in… they sat down at a seat that was already set for them.

The tables… I’m in love.

It had a tasting tray… with one of every item I had made on it…

Tasting Tray!

A personal charcuterie board with a little dollop of Tate Farms honey on it! And a booklet with all of the recipes for each item in it.

Mini Charcuterie & Recipe Booklet

Each person tasted all of the treats on their tray. From there, they picked their 6 favorite treats and from there… they looked at the recipes and made sure it was something they could recreate at home. Being able to recreate the recipe at home was key! Because that was the point of the whole party. Make a box and then take it home and recreate as many as you want for the important people in your life! Picking 6 was key as well… from personal experience… 6 is about the maximum number of different treats you want to be baking at the same time. Can you fit more treats in the box? Of course you can… but you might be up all night baking. (personal experience)

For your sleeps sake… I suggest 6 treats per box and 2-3 of each treat in each box… 12-18 treats in each gift.

Making those boxes!
Sweet friends… the gal on the far right is getting married here at the farm next year!!!!
My baked good loving gals!
These gals brought their dads!
This gal made the cutest boxes!

I was so excited. So incredibly blown away by how beautiful it was.

The treat table.

Like I said… I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and this far exceeded it. I was so glad my sweet friend Lucy Krodell was there to document everything. All of these photos are from her.

Holly on the left… Emily and little Presley on the right.

There was a few more heroes of the day… my gal pal, Holly, came out to help make everything go smooth. She checked everyone in and made them feel welcome. She told me I was doing great when I got a little nervous. And my sweet sweet step daughter, Emily, came in strong for set up… helping me do all the things. And then entertained the younger guests that may not have been as impressed with my baking skills during the event.

And then there was Evan Tate. My husband. My biggest fan. He came in for a few minutes and talked a little about the chapel to everyone. Grabbed a treat and was out the door!

His name is Evan Tate!

Having these people there allowed me to talk with everyone. To really spend some time hearing their stories. One guest was using that day as inspiration for making treat boxes to memorialize her late grandmother. She had been gathering her grandmother’s recipes and planned to make treat boxes of only those recipes to give to family over the holidays. Another group came as a way to start a new tradition. All of the stories I heard from people are exactly why I was doing it. Making memories. Starting new traditions. That’s what it’s all about.

Oh you know… just me… hanging out!

We had such a variety of individuals in that room and I loved every minute of it.

I’ll be brainstorming over the next month or so about what workshops/parties/events we should bring to the farm in the coming year. If you have any ideas or requests, I would love to hear them.

This week’s Sunday Offering will be all of the recipes from the DIY Holiday Treat Box Party. Hope you’ll come back and visit for those!

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