Month: July 2019

What is Sunday Offering?

Every week I think I’ll spend Sunday explaining to you how I came up with “Sunday Offering” but then I have something else I want to share with you and I never do.

Sunday Offering: Sweet Baby Micah

On this cloudy Sunday morning, I am sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to go see my sweet baby Micah. Friday was his 21st birthday. The Air Force Academy got him that day but the next three days are mine.

Homemade Sea Salt

Living in the middle of Texas, there is no such thing as “Homemade Sea Salt” so this may be more appropriately named “Vacation Sea Salt”. But that doesn’t really explain what we are doing and I just don’t like it… so Homemade Sea Salt it is.

All the things

I had high hopes for it this year. Spent tons of time and money getting all the things planted… and then… the weather was hard on it. Too much rain some days. Too little on others.